Inspired by Heath Robinson, we aim to provide “Gold Standard” learning for children, young adults, and those with specific educational or physical needs.

Drawing by Vivan, age 9

The breadth and nature of Heath Robinson’s work, which covers a range of techniques and styles, invention of humorous gadgets, broad historical and social commentary, together with its high narrative content, make it ideal to cover multiple subjects within the National Curriculum: Art & Design, Science, History and Literacy.

Our comprehensive learning packages for both museum visit and outreach are designed to be fun, creative and informative. Through interactive exploration of Heath Robinson’s work, students will gain hands-on cross-curricular knowledge, with a particular emphasis on creative thinking, invention, problem-solving, developing ideas and stories.

All learning packages are cross-curricular and themed and can be customised to the individual school's requirements.

Our Learning Officer, Claire Linge, would be delighted to talk to you about your requirements. 

Our Learning Modules

Story Detectives

Exploring how visual narratives are built in illustrations, to inform and improve literacy skills.

KS 1 AND 2
Art & Design

Increasing students' understanding, engagement with and enjoyment of art and illustration

KS 1, 2, 3, AND 4
Whacky Inventors

Using observation, imagination and inventiveness to solve problems and invent gadgets

KS 1 AND 2
Walks Through Time

Learn about Heath Robinson's life and times and relate to today. (Available 2019)

KS 1 AND 2