Rejuvenated Junk

17 Jun - 3 Sep 2017

A fun, family-friendly summer exhibition, celebrating creative upcycling from around the world

How is this connected to Heath Robinson?

In 1935 Heath Robinson made a set of drawings which he titled “Rejuvenated Junk” depicting new uses for unwanted objects. Ten of these were used as illustrations for an article written by KRG Browne, published in The Strand Magazine under the title “At Home with Heath Robinson”. A number of these original drawings will be displayed, along with a reproduction of the article.

The Museum’s 21st century take on Rejuvenated Junk, featuring upcycled artefacts from 33 different countries, is in the London Borough of Harrow, which prides itself on its cultural diversity. The exhibition showcases talents from many communities.

All around the world, resourceful upcyclers retrieve mass-produced, everyday objects thrown away by others. For these makers, common discards, such as newspaper, metal cans, glass bottles or plastic packaging are a rich resource, which they transform into useful and beautiful objects.

Come and see hats made from tin cans, bags made from ring pulls, woven rolled newspaper baskets and boxes, a cheese platter made from a flattened bottle, scoops made from food cans, ear-rings from bottle tops and more! Through ingenuity, imagination and innovation junk materials have been given a new lease of life.

Rejuvenated Junk is a collaboration between Heath Robinson Museum and knowtrash. It may help visitors reconsider the stuff we throw away, inspiring us to discover ways to turn our trash into treasure.

All images © Neil Thomson

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