Graham Williams

Graham Williams enjoys preparing for new exhibitions using existing skills and meeting others he would not normally meet.

Role: Mounting pictures for the new exhibitions

Graham Williams started volunteering at the Museum in May 2017. Following his earlier life as an art student and employee at the Marlborough Fine Art Gallery in central London, he had been working in the Print Making Studio at the University of Westminster close by. When he moved to Pinner and retired recently, he was delighted to hear about the Museum and realised that helping mount the special exhibitions, frame work and hang the pictures, would both be “a good fit and enable me to become involved with the local community”.

Graham particularly likes it when the Verden Gallery upstairs at West House is free and there is good light and space to move around when the new exhibits need to be mounted and framed, he is less keen on the Block House which sometimes needs to be used if the Gallery is not free. But he is not complaining! There is far more to like than not in his role “One thing that is really good is that you can get to handle the pictures and see them at close quarters, a real privilege”. He also feels that coming to do this work at the museum, if periodic (at the changeover times of the special exhibitions) gives structure to his life “From the personal standpoint, it’s good to have structure in your life – when you retire, it’s very easy to do nothing”!

So, for Graham, doing something he knows he is good at and loves, having structure in his life and meeting the other volunteers such as at the summer evening volunteers party and the (free) training days for volunteers, are all reasons to keep him coming back. He loves the close proximity to the works of art but also enjoys meeting people who you would not normally see in “the working day”.