Pat Westall

Pat Westall is pictured here January 2020 in front of two pictures from the Fairies in Illustration exhibition. Pat has volunteered at the Museum for over two and a half years. She started initially as a gallery steward but now works front of house. As she says “It’s very sociable and I enjoy talking to people about the galleries and about the shop”.

In her earlier career, Pat was for many years a primary school teacher at Pinner Wood school. Her love of children means that she is only too happy to help Claire Linge with some of the children’s activities organised by the Museum, for instance those for Chinese New Year and others. This continuing contact with children and ability to engage with them through activities is something she welcomes: “They put on a lot for children; last year there was an excellent music event for the children to make noises and play instruments—they were engrossed! Arts and crafts and music and getting them to join in is what interests me. I don’t think I “give” as much as I “get”!”

For Pat, it is this opportunity to interact with adults and sometimes with children that inspires her to come on Sunday afternoons and so willingly give her time. Our thanks to Pat and all like her.