Smruti, Paul, and Pam

This photo, taken in December 2021, shows three volunteers who have worked together most Thursdays at the Museum since it opened in 2016, a testament to commitment to the Museum and how they work as a team. On the left is Smruti Patel of Northwood, Gallery Steward. Having run her own IT company for many years, Smruti works at the museum 1.20 till 4pm on Thursdays and enjoys “being able to help a small organisation, being a volunteer and meeting different sorts of people”. In the centre is Paul Millar of Rayners Lane, previously a health social worker. Paul is a Gallery Steward and was trained at the RA as an artist and shares his family’s love of art – he enjoys answering visitors’ questions related to Heath Robinson and the art itself. Pam is a Retail Assistant at the Museum. Living in Harrow Weald, Pam had worked in Barnet libraries and looks forward to “coming every week, the lovely location, widening my friends group and talking to people”. She particularly enjoys the Heath Robinson related special exhibitions and is looking forward to the next one devoted to his Childrens’ Stories.

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