Veronica Georgescu

My name is Veronica Georgescu and I am from Romania. I came in this country about 35 years ago. Here, I trained and worked as a psychiatric nurse and retired about 2 years ago. 

How did I hear about this museum? Before retirement I started running with a running club, also cycling to keep healthy. The group I am running with meet every Sunday in Daisy's car park. Before the Heath Robinson museum opened last year, I heard someone from my running club mentioning that the museum are looking for volunteers.  As I did not know who Heath Robinson was and what skills/knowledge volunteers are supposed to have, I did not pay much attention. Luckily, I met Veronica Chamberlain, who at the time was a trustee of the museum and who is also a leader of the Sky Ride – a cycling group I attended at the time. She managed to alleviate my anxiety about lack of knowledge about HR and since then, I never looked back. I have learned a lot about the artist. The team of volunteers here, the trustees and the management are extremely nice and helpful and I am always happy to help whenever my busy schedule permits me.