Hand painted Portraits of the Museum Volunteers. Can you recognise anyone?

“Harinder with Palette”

Local artist Harinder Sahota who paints portraits, landscape and still life, became the Artist in Residence at the Museum in September 2019. What she enjoyed at the time was talking to the volunteers and hearing about their involvement with the museum – as a result she decided that her particular “project” would be to paint portraits of some of the volunteers. She started in November 2019 and the ten portraits in oils she painted are now displayed for a few months in the Museum Activity Studio.

You may be interested to see if there are any faces you know amongst those volunteers Harinder painted – some may well be familiar to you. Harinder has captured the essence of those she painted so well. Do come and pay a visit.

You can see more about Harinder’s work at her website: http://www.harinderartist.com

And here is a link to a short video about the portraits: https://youtu.be/aUbJ69WY5mg

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