Heath Robinson Museum Opening

The Museum, now open, has exceeded our expectations in every way.

Michael Rosen opens the Heath Robinson Museum with the help of a specially designed contraption.

“The Museum, now open, has exceeded our expectations in every way. The building itself is spectacular and while clearly new and modern looks as if it was always meant to be there in the park next to West House.

There are two galleries. The Heath Robinson Gallery is a permanent exhibition which takes the visitor on a journey through Heath Robinson’s life and artistic development. The Joan Brinsmead Gallery is designed to host special exhibitions. The first special exhibition is Heath Robinson at War, which runs until 8 January. As well as marking the centenary of WWI and in particular the battle of the Somme, it also covers his work during WWII. The exhibition also includes letters from the front saying how much the troops appreciated Heath Robinson’s cartoons and making suggestions for others. Heath Robinson’s work is full of detail with every picture telling a story.

One of the most striking aspects of the museum is the Activity Studio which is glass-fronted, affording a wonderful view of the Memorial Park and lake. The Studio will be used by children and families to have fun and do creative work inspired by the works of Heath Robinson under the guidance of the Museum’s Learning Officer.

The Museum also has a shop where Heath Robinson prints, cards and other products can be purchased as a memento of the visit. In addition the shop offers a selection of beautiful, one-off items designed and handmade by local artisans.

We hope visitors will enjoy their visit to our Museum and return often as the special exhibitions change. Our thanks go to the National Lottery players for helping to fund this long-awaited project, and the many local Patrons, sponsors, supporters and volunteers who are central to the long-term success of the Museum.”
– Cynthia Wells, acting chairman, West House and Heath Robinson Museum Trust

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