New Heath Robinson Pictures for the Museum (Updated)

This video, only a minute or so long,  gives a visual montage of all the new pictures acquired:

The following video shows Peter Higginson’s talk introducing the newly acquired pictures:

Update: These works were exhibited to Friends of the Museum on 22nd February.

Peter Higginson, trustee with special interest in the Collection, visited the museum on September 27th on an important mission. He, along with his cousin, Susan Collins, also a member of the Heath Robinson family and a trustee of the William Heath Robinson Trust, was bringing to Pinner a number of pictures that have just been donated to the museum. The pictures were gifts from two people, recent legacies, one of whom was a close family member (Micki Robinson, daughter-in-law of WHR), and one of whom who is not known to us. We are hugely grateful for their generosity in donating the illustrations to the museum, thus ensuring that they will be well looked after and regularly displayed for a wider public to see.

One of the pictures left to us by Micki is the famous self-caricature of William Heath Robinson titled Caricature of Himself!, drawn in the early 1940’s late in his career. His ability to self-deprecate is evident as is his gentle humour.

Our thanks to Peter for ensuring the works arrived safely with us – having new works join the Collection is a cause for celebration.

Below are shown a few of the new acquisitions.

“Far sooner have the mumps” (the Doctor), a wry picture by William Heath Robinson, painted for the book “Bill the Minder” in 1912
“She now made off to the woods” (The Musician)
“Man Drinking” by Thomas Heath Robinson
“Art thou come to visit us, then?” by Charles Robinson
WHR, Water Diviner

These are just some of the many works that have recently been acquired by the Museum Trust. They are valuable additions to the collection and demonstrate many of the features of the Heath Robinson brothers’ work and the breadth of their art.

The Trust welcomes donations of original artwork by William Heath Robinson. It is also on the lookout for works that strengthen the Museum’s holdings of works in areas not currently well represented, while also securing items of national and international importance to augment those already held.

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