Restoring Just William

Peter & Charles, with Steve Schrodel from our Facilities team in the background

Back in 2019, the construction Just William was installed in the Activity Centre (see Just William Comes to Pinner). Since then it has been heavily used by our visitors and has come to need maintenance as it no longer issued tokens for sweets!

Two engineers from The National Museum of Computing, Charles Coultas and Peter Davies, kindly volunteered to visit us to effect repairs. They were also eager to download the log of messages entered by visitors over the past four years (analysis of this is ongoing).

The problem turned out to be a knackered capacitor in the control unit (sorry for the technical language). This has now been repaired and Just William is working again—please come and try it out!

By the way, the index image shows Hannah Whyte, our Assistant Curator, holding William’s duck who will dance for you if properly motivated.

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