The Maker’s Art April – October 2024

A new collection of contemporary work crafted by local designers is launching at the Heath Robinson Museum shop this April.

The Maker’s Art range showcases handmade jewellery and candles reflecting the imagination and enchantment of Heath Robinson’s work. The makers, who mostly live locally, change every six months, creating a distinctive and continually varied decorative art marketplace at the Heath Robinson Museum and on their online shop.

My website showcases current creations, and I am always open to design suggestions:

Charlotte Hetzel

My jewellery started as hobby, weekly sessions with a wonderful local teacher while still working in the world of finance.  I now work solo in my home workshop and, like many jewellers, have a barely controlled tool addiction!

With a background in science and mathematics I am constantly fascinated by organically natural forms (think fungus) as well as the geometric shapes seen in architecture and Moorish motifs.  I love the idea of combining the aesthetically pleasing with the functional and am drawn to three-dimensional designs and incorporating movement and textures in my designs.  Making mistakes and learning new techniques is part of the evolving design process.

Jewellery is a way to express one’s personality; working with a client to get a truly bespoke piece that reflects their style is immensely satisfying.  I aim to make jewellery that is bold yet sufficiently lightweight and well-made for everyday wear. Using recycled silver, brass or copper and the odd bit of gold, I create unique designs. Lately I’ve also been using gemstones, crystal, wood, and resin to add colour, sparkle, and texture.  I like jewellery to make a statement!

Georgina Starnowski

Having been creative from an early age, two years ago I started making candles and, while it was initially a hobby, it has become almost literally a ‘burning passion’!

My inspiration came from spending time in nature with my cocker spaniel, Bella Mae. Walking with her every day, I visited so many different local areas and experienced so many beautifully evocative flower and plant fragrances through the seasons. This got me thinking about which fragrances could work well together and I started creating my own range of hand-poured candles, named after Bella Mae.

I create 100% natural soy wax candles which have eco-friendly wicks, use natural vegan fragrance oils and are all hand-poured by me at my home.  I have test-burned them all myself and have spent over a year achieving the best combination of burn time and speed.  I really enjoy blending unusual and classic fragrances. I make some as stylish or amusing moulded shapes, and a complete range in beautiful (and reusable) tins and jars.

I grew up in Pinner and have lived here all my life, I have worked with Richard Trusselle Jewellers in Pinner High Street for the last 13 years and am so delighted that Heath Robinson Museum has created such an excellent cultural and artistic hub in Pinner’s beautiful Memorial Park.

Having Bella Maes candles included in The Makers’ Art collection at the Museum shop is an absolute honour.

Images of Maker’s work by Michael Lenny

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