The Maker’s Art April – October 2023




A new collection of contemporary work crafted by local designers is launching at the Heath Robinson Museum shop this April.

The Maker’s Art range showcases handmade jewellery, engraved glass and cork reflecting the imagination and enchantment of Heath Robinson’s work. The makers, who mostly live locally, change every six months, creating a distinctive and continually varied decorative art marketplace at the Heath Robinson Museum and on their online shop.

Jacqueline Clancey, Silver Jewellery

I’m Jacqueline and I’m the founder of JC Design London. I have extensive experience in the fashion industry, creating stylish clothing for well-known brands, such as Amanda Wakeley, Karen Millen, and Coast. My original training was in Fashion Design at art school.

Since moving away from creative design into managerial roles, I have had little opportunity to utilise my artistic skills, so I have always been on the lookout for creative opportunities in my private life. My soul stayed in design, therefore I wanted to produce something that combined my technical skills with my passion, and this is how I started JC Design London.

So, a few years ago I looked to broaden my creative skills and decided to train as a silver jewellery designer and maker. I trained at the London Jewellery School in Hatton Garden and have since thoroughly enjoyed making and developing my Sterling Silver jewellery collection and learning new skills and techniques in my London studio.

Every single piece of jewellery is designed and created by me from start to finish. Using my passion for detail, my ambition is to make you happy when wearing one of my handmade designs. I originate contemporary jewellery pieces that can be worn anytime, every day.

I hope you enjoy my collection at the Heath Robinson Museum shop and online. I had a childhood love of  Charles Kingsley’s The Water Babies and Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales; both exquisitely illustrated by William Heath Robinson. The captivating Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale of Thumbelina and the Swallow, beautifully illustrated by William Heath Robinson, were inspirational for my hand cut Swallow necklace and dangly ‘flying’ swallow earrings.

If you have any questions about my jewellery or if you would like to work together with me on a custom order for you, or as a gift, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at:

Stephen Myers, Glass Engraver

My background training was an MA  in drawing at the University of the Arts, London, and a BA in Fashion at Kingston University. In 2011, I was elected as a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts. College, London. In 2010 I was asked to study for an MA by my university employer. Despite a career of over 35years in fashion I decided to study drawing. A lifelong passion. The great historical draftsmen like William Heath Robinson were amongst many inspirational practitioners. It was during my studies at the UAL that I formed an interest of etching on glass. My glass engraving studies were at Morley College.

I now draw upon a set of technical skills learnt during a diverse fashion career. My drawing practice showcases manual, digital and glass engraving techniques. My glass engraving portfolio is intended to elevate my drawing to a new level of preciousness; I have been inspired by how the humble art of dress making has been elevated by the fashion industry into haute couture. My glass work is intended to mime this elevating process, whilst also dealing with central issues of aesthetics, spirituality, and transcendence.

I accept commissions working  to a brief for that personalized special gift for a special occasion. With my hand engraved glass each item is one of a kind. Not reproduced or manufactured. I use individually sourced glass shapes. My design studio specializes in drawing, engraving and design. It offers both in-studio and on-location drawing projects, My professional practice is passionate about capturing natural, timeless, images that can be cherished for years to come.

My studios are located in London And Worcestershire.

I am a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster, Harrow Campus, for the fashion marketing and promotion (BA Hons) and in the recent past Brighton University, institute Marangoni , Regents University and Kingston University etc. During my time as one of the makers showcased at the Heath  Robinson Museum, I will be leading a one-off class for the education programme. To collaborate with the Heath Robinson gallery is a great opportunity to explore and showcase my passion for drawing. As I share a keen interest in organic and natural forms with Heath Robinson it is the perfect environment.

Yvonne Webster, Cork Accessories

From making my own clothes as a teenager to designing and creating leather bags and accessories, I have developed a wide range of skills which can be put to great use in the development of a range of beautiful cork products. With sustainability and the rise of veganism in mind, cork is the perfect material, being sourced from the bark of a tree, Quercus Suber, the cork oak. Following a random suggestion to try cork from a friend, I took up the challenge, imported printed cork fabric from Portugal, then designed and made bags, purses, pen cases and much more. Other than a two-day leather bag making course in London, I am self-taught.

Cork is lightweight and easy to sew on my industrial sewing machine. The material resists liquids which is great in many ways, e.g., being waterproof, but it does still need a specialist glue, as the normal water-based glues do not stick. The fabric is very strong and hard wearing. The top of the fabric is 100% cork, the underside is cotton mixed with 18% polyurethane. It is sustainably made and vegan friendly. The cork tree is a variety of oak which is grown for 25 years before the bark is stripped of its cork. The bark is then removed every nine years thereafter, making the cork a truly sustainable product.

My workshop is in the Chilterns, at Chesham. I do not teach or take commissions but concentrate on producing my ranges for Little Wren Collections in Amersham, my local café and many neighbouring art and crafts fairs.

The phrase “It’s a bit Heath Robinson’ is very familiar to me, but nothing compares to his crazy contraptions. Surely he has inspired the Wallace and Gromit creators. His artwork is wonderful too, and full of humour. What a great man! How could I not be very proud to be part of the Maker’s Art at the brilliant Heath Robinson Museum.


Images of Maker’s work by Michael Lenny

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