Ahu Ilknur Ergün


I started to work as a volunteer at the Heath Robinson Museum, as I have a close interest in different branches of art besides my main specialization in International Relations. As a person who has always believed that life finds meaning through art, I thought that working in this place dedicated to the name of an important artist of the country would be a different and equally meaningful experience for me. That is exactly why I felt very happy and lucky when my volunteering application was accepted, and I started working.

We are all trying to keep up with a world that is changing and transforming at a dizzying pace, and unfortunately, we interpret most things straight while doing this. If it were not for art that makes our world peaceful, beautiful, and liveable, everything would become very boring and suffocating for humanity. The depth reflected in the eyes of the visitors who come to the Museum to look at the world they live in from a different perspective and to re-interpret it through the eyes of an artist, after seeing the works of Heath Robinson, also proves that art offers different horizons for everyone in the world. So, I am happy and honoured with every day and every hour I spend here.

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