Jude and Carys

Carys Lorenz

Carys is one of our newer volunteers having started as a retail volunteer in July 2023. She is half way through a History degree at Queen Mary University of London, art history is a third of the degree and she is particularly interested in working in the Museum sector after her finals.

Carys travels via tube to come To Pinner from Wembley; she does a session at the museum every other Sunday afternoon.

Apart from learning about how a museum runs, she enjoys meeting local people having previously lived in Sussex. Carys especially enjoyed the Rabelais exhibition and the very different ways Goya and William Heath Robinson illustrated the grotesque or sinister. She is delighted also with the current exhibition (January 2024) on Mary Wheelhouse, showing how rounded a person Mary was with her paintings and illustrations, her work as a toymaker and how, in her work and life, she supported the suffragette cause.

Jude Oxley

Jude has volunteered at the museum for over two years now and comes to help every Sunday afternoon also as a retail volunteer.

Having been an English teacher in Harrow, Jude joined us on her retirement and enjoys meeting people, talking about William Heath Robinson and having the chance to see the rolling exhibitions.

Jude especially enjoyed the Heath Robinson watercolour exhibition that took place as she became a volunteer and also the Shakespeare exhibition in March 2023. She would like more to be made in the summer of the fact that the galleries are air conditioned as she feels this would be a big benefit to many visitors who are not aware of this advantage in the heat of day!

Jude and Carys enjoy working as a team; like many museum volunteers, it is being part of something important with others that makes such a difference.



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