Mike Gleen

I retired from my job as a computer programmer in 2015. After a few months of “resting”, I started looking for a way to use my skills in the community. I came to Heath Robinson in a somewhat roundabout way: my main hobby is building Meccano models and I thought that building a “Heath Robinson Machine” might be fun. In doing some online research for that project, I found the yet-to-be-opened museum and a request for volunteers. One of the roles advertised was for a website manager which I took on in early 2016.

My timing ended up being just right, as my joining the team coincided with the museum developing its new website. I was able to draw on my programming past to help with the final stages of the design. So if there is something about it you don't like, blame me!

I found that in the newly-opened museum there were many interesting jobs that needed doing. I was promptly drafted onto the Evaluation Committee to help design and process the museum's visitor survey (please fill one out – we really do pay attention to the answers). I also help with the Collections & Exhibitions Committee which mostly involves mounting pictures in frames but the committee is also responsible for building a database of the collection which, again, I've been able to assist with.

I consider myself very lucky to have found a local museum with so many exciting opportunities and such a welcoming group of people to work with. I'm proud of the work we have done together and am excited about the future of the museum and its role in the community.


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