14 March

Expert Talk: Toy Theatre

£12 (£10 for Friends)

Join Alan Powers and David Powell from Pollock’s Toy Museum for an Expert Talk and Performance on Toy Theatre for our Mary Wheelhouse exhibition.


Coffee & Craft – Arty Textiles


Come along to this fun workshop led by mixed media textile artist Sian Fenwick and create a colourful and arty stitched panel.

30 Mar - 21 Jun

Modernist Magazine Illustration

The cartoonist turns his hand to magazine illustration! Explore Heath Robinson’s art for literary magazine covers, articles, and stories in this exhibition of a lesser known part of his work, produced throughout the 1920s and 30s.

11 Apr -

Mini-engineers Workshop

Join this day workshop and learn how to solve engineering challenges with Meccano!

30 May -

Nature & Clay

Come along to this fun half term workshop and create personalised clay decorations inspired by nature!

31 May -

Whacky Inventors

Inspired by Heath Robinson’s gadgets, can you solve silly tasks by creating the whackiest energy transfer chain?

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