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The World According to Tim Lewis

18 Jul 2019
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

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Expert Talk by Peter Higginson

The World According to Tim Lewis

Tim Lewis’s art is not an easily categorizable one. His work embraces a wide range of themes and concerns: from relationships between nature and technology, artificial intelligence, kinetics, science fiction to the making of art itself. For him the human condition is a puzzling one that is inventive, strange, humorous and playful. 

Drawing from examples in the exhibition itself and other works from the artist’s career, Peter Higginson seeks to appraise the world perception of this unique and richly imaginative artist.

The Speaker

Peter Higginson is an art historian, university lecturer, and director of several cultural study tours abroad.  He has taught numerous courses in Rome, Florence, Venice, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Cuba. Peter specialises in the art and culture of early modern Europe, and the Modern period. He has published on the patronage of Caravaggio, art and society in 17th century Baroque Rome, and the post-war American avant-garde.  He is the chairman of the William Heath Robinson Trust which owns the Museum collection. He is also a great nephew of Heath Robinson.

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