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Welcome to the Heath Robinson Museum. We are open Thursday-Saturday 11am-4pm.

We are recruiting volunteers and hope to be able to open for longer hours soon. Please check back for details, and volunteer if you can via our Support page.

Our permanent Heath Robinson exhibition combines original artwork with books, photographs, film and digital media to tell the full story of Heath Robinson’s artistic career.

Heath Robinson’s autobiography was called My Line of Life and our permanent exhibition draws on this theme to follow his career from art school in the 1890s to his last works made during the Second World War. It describes how, having established himself as a leading illustrator at the start of the 20th century, he was forced to turn to humorous drawing to maintain his income. He pursued both forms of art for several years, but humour eventually dominated. However, throughout his life he saw himself as a serious artist and painted landscapes and imagined scenes for his own enjoyment.